Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vet visit

After unsuccessfully trying to catch some of Prairie's pee, I took him in to the clinic and left him for the day. They  said if they had problems they would catheterize him. They called a bit ago (after what, three hours) to say they got it the natural way. That's why they're the experts, eh?
As I was waiting to check him in, I stood at the bulletin board reading postings of home wanted, lost cat . . . and saw two thank you letters from MWCR people for their treatment of Jack. Jack was just adopted last week by people in Iowa. I don't remember how he came into the rescue, but when he came in his jaw was messed up and  Skyline treated him. They felt that someone may have kicked him so hard in his jaw that it drove teeth up into his nasal cavity. They were able to fix it through surgery and by looking at his pictures you'd never know he had a problem. He's a sweet dog who apparently loves Lincoln Logs.
The clinic has one of those large laid back office cats. This morning as I was waiting, someone kept opening this sliding door which opened into shelves and shelves of records. There sat the cat, waiting to be allowed out of the room. Apparently he hadn't been given the okay because he stayed sitting as they moved in and out of the room. I didn't see him, but apparently they had a 10-month old Great Dane running around in the back, so the cat was not allowed to be loose. 
I love vet clinic cats. They always seem to be these big, laid back cats. Kings and queens of their domains.

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