Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good news!!!!!!

I took Prairie for a recheck yesterday. They drew blood for a renal panel to see how his kidneys are. Called today to say everything looked really good. Dr. said just by looking at him, he seems like a completely different dog, in that he physically looks like he feels better.
We can now move forward with his neutering. Pre-op and retest blood is scheduled for Monday, the 28th, and surgery is scheduled for that Wednesday. One thing that might hang me up, though, is usually with my other vet, I was able to pick the dog up the same day. This vet wants to keep him overnight, pick up Thursday after three. Doesn't work with my schedule, so I asked if I could pick him up before three. She said I could call in the morning and most likely can pick him up an hour early, which will give me time to get him home and take myself to Foss. Once he recovers from the surgery he can be listed as available!!!
I asked Dr. about the contagiousness of the Lyme's now. As we move into tick season, can a tick bite Prairie, then us and infect us? He couldn't tell me no as they just don't know. He knows a dog can have been treated and be with other dogs in the same house and there isn't any infection, but that it's always a good idea to get all dogs vaccinated and keep them protected with Frontline..
A side note. I found out my regular vet has finally retired at the age of 88. I knew he was old, but not that old. He fell on the ice this winter and apparently it really knocked him down, figuratively. No announcement. My neighbor told me. I was on track to bring in my dogs in May. Neighbor said someone from Mendota Heights has taken over the clinic and is charging way more than Dr. Bruce.

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