Monday, March 14, 2011

MWCR at the Pet Expo

What a great day and let me start out by saying, Terry Libro does an amazing amount of work organizing these events, set up and tear down, and she is there both days, all day. We were there until 2:00 and it was busy.

Linda Riegger was very popular with face painting.

KJ would sit inbetween clients, then when he was done, he was walking around and telling people where they could get their faces painted. He also enjoyed helping out with the booth and running the wheel. For $1.00 people could spin the wheel where it would stop on a 1 or 2 and the spinner could pick 1 or 2 items from certain bins. 

The Jezebelle collars are probably the best sellers. The dogs model them. We had someone with a boxer wanting to buy one before we even officially opened. These can also be ordered from the collie shop on the website:
They're pretty far down on the page.

Prairie absolutely loved the whole experience. What an attention hog. If someone was petting Thor or Cat's tri-color, Prairie would sidle up inbetween the petter and the pettee. He especially loved the babies in strollers. One, in particular, was so sweet. Prairie put his nose up to the baby's face and the baby leaned his face into Prairie's, in a cheek-to-cheek hug. Wish I was camera ready for that one. I actually failed as a photographer. I didn't take any pictures of our stars. Not trying to make excuses because I could have taken some, but for the most part I did have two leashes in my hands. 

We had a pretty good location, better this year than last. Just one booth in from the end of the aisle. We were right next to a guy who had wall-to-wall home made treats. Prairie was trying to scam some every chance he got.

The really cool part was I got a chance to have a reading done on Prairie by Ilga Cimbulis.

I explained a few things, about his moaning in the evening.  I wanted to know if Prairie was in any pain from the Lyme's or anything else. She said Prairie was not in pain. Explained that his moaning is left over from his previous owner who was in a lot of pain and depressed. Ilga felt Prairie was being sympathetic and mimicing her. He was feeling depressed by his owner's pain. Ilga felt that the antibiotics were working really well, but that he may need another round and then be fine. She said Prairie felt very welcome at our house and is getting back to his free-spirited self. He loves all the joking around in our house. She said that he was very well trained, grounded, and that while he missed his old place, giving him up was the right thing to do for him. Ilga also said bringing him to the Expo was making him so happy and he was enjoying seeing all the people and getting so much attention. She felt he could go to any kind of home and would easily find that home once he is cleared for adoption.

Fun, fun fun!

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  1. I love reading your blog entries. The Jezebelle collars are cool…Winnie needs one!