Saturday, March 19, 2011

Walking the dog

Finally got all the dogs out for a real walk today. I got home from Foss and it was just too nice. Got Brett and Thor hooked up to the double lead and put the new retractable lead on Prairie. Prairie is going to need a lot of leash training. Not sure if I'll have the time to really work with him. Hard to train with two other dogs along. He walks well on a leash except for the fact that he walks out front and goes side-to-side. I'm more than a little paranoid about tripping and falling, eh?
We went into the park as the trail is clear of snow. At least halfway around. The other side is still snow covered and icy, so we turned around and came back through the playground. Two girls came over to pet the dogs and Prairie devoured them with niceness. He's definitely the kind of dog who thinks everybody wants to hug him.

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