Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Said I'd take her, but if we still have her end of July I'll need somebody to take care of her while KJ and I take our first real vacation together since the summer of 2007.

Sophie Marie is a tri-color, female between 3-5 years old.  She is very overweight.  The people who have her are chain smokers, and the dog smells dreadfully of smoke. The dog is very sweet, well-behaved, great with kids (kids were lying on top of her, etc.), and fine with cats.  She'll be a great dog for someone once she gets cleaned up, on some good food and less of it, and taken care of medically. 

She's already had a bath and has been for a vet checkup. She has an issue with her eye, that hopefully can be cleared up by drops. Or it might be an ongoing thing. The vet she went to yesterday said she needed to lose about six pounds so she can't be that overweight. Although relatively speaking, for a dog that is more than it seems for a human. 

Bunker should be leaving on Friday. I noticed yesterday his right eye was closing. It's not swollen or runny, but I'm making an appointment for tomorrow. I'm thinking he got some sort of irritant in it. He's been fine so I don't think it's anything serious, but better make sure.

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