Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I got the clippers from my sister and while it was better than nothing, what I really need for Bunker are industrial clippers! 

He took it like a champ though. KJ went to work on his tail while I brushed his front end. Piece of cake. He didn't like the buzzing around his ears, though. Eventually I went to just scissors and cut closer but not up to his skin and will continue brushing. Minus the $500 set of clippers, it's really the brushing that is working the best.
I found out that when we're actually gone, Bunker is fine. But if we're home and he's inside while we're outside, i.e. sitting in the driveway with the neighbor (which is right under my bedroom window), Bunker is not a happy boy. I came into my bedroom to find two pillows and a towel chewed up. Go figure. 

Whoever adopts him, will have to know there is no getting anywhere inside the house quickly. Bunker's nearness makes that impossible. I'm always waiting for him to actually get out of my way. Patience will be needed and I'm not sure if this will ever go away.

I need to get a picture of him when he stands on the bench seat on the deck. He gets up there when a dog goes by. I don't think he would ever jump, but keeping a close eye on him is a good idea.

When he eats, I have to stay there in the room with him. If I leave he follows me and then my other dogs would eat his food. He snapped at the cat when she got too close while he was eating. If I walk up to him while he's eating, he backs away from his dish and I can pick it up.

I'll be calling a family in Nebraska in the next few days to talk to them about Bunker, and apparently there have been several more inquiries about him, so he should have a forever home soon!

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