Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feeling so much better!

Bunker is showing all the signs of feeling better. He's coming up to me asking for attention. His step is springy, he's not licking his incision anymore, so I left the cone off last night. He kept waking me up the first night bumping into stuff. And, last night when I put the medicine in his ears, instead of biting he let me rub it into his ear and leaned into it so much that I could tell he thought it felt good.
He follows me everywhere.
When I leave my bedroom he won't leave before me, but waits as if to make sure I'm really leaving.
I pulled two more ticks off him yesterday.
I'm having a really hard time remembering his name, even though he seems to be learning it. I keep wanting to call him Rocket, who was two fosters ago.
I posted a wanted ad on Freecycle for some dog clippers and someone responded saying she had some they used for their St. Bernard's chest/stomach. They don't have the dog anymore, so we're making plans to meet on Sunday. Bunker will need his chest and rib area shaved. Probably not down to the skin, but just enough to get the mats off. His tail will need to be cut down, too. No way brushing is going to get these mats out. Then it's bath time! He's really dirty. With the weather getting better we can probably do this outside. 

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