Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Information on small eyes

I contacted Striker's (fka Swiper), family about Sophie's eye. When I had Striker as a foster my vet thought he just had some conjunctivitis in his eye and gave him some drops, which I sent along with him to his new family. They found out through their vet that it was more than that. 

Vickie's vet told her: his eyeballs are so tiny so there is nothing to hold that part of his eye in place. Bigger eyeballs hold down that lower corner lid. He assumed its from the breeding. He said he would bet all the other dogs from that mother have the same issues. 

This really sounds like Sophie has the same thing. Vickie gave me so much great information, that will be important to pass on to Sophie's adopter. She said that Striker cannot see the floor and steps are hard for him. At night she shines a flashlight on the steps so he can see better, and getting in and out of the car requires help. They don't give him drops, as there is no irritation. Vickie even went so far as to cover her own eyes halfway in an effort to see the world how Striker sees it. What a great and empathetic thing to do! 

There is a surgery where she said even if a specialist could stitch down the eyelid, Striker's eyes are so small that it probably wouldn't help. Her vet said he was sure Striker was this way from birth so doesn't know any better, so they just give him special treatment, which Striker definitely enjoys!

I've seen new pictures of Striker and he's even more gorgeous than when I had him. I believe he's going to be featured in an upcoming newsletter, so will be able to link that here when it comes out.


We took Sophie to the dog park yesterday evening and she loved it. She's a barky one. No issues with other dogs, but her herding instinct is strong. She'd start toward another dog, but didn't really stay with it, seeming to not want to get that far away from us. This could be a sight thing, too.

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