Sunday, May 6, 2012


I don't feel sorry for Bunker, he's in a good place now and will find a great home, but I do feel really sad on what can be speculated about his past. He is 100% a velcro dog. Of all the other fosters, I have not seen one this bad. He follows me everywhere and even seems somewhat anxious to be right with me, in that he will have his nose against my leg as I walk through the house. I have to be careful not to trip over him. When I sit down he sits next to me, with his head near my hand. He doesn't put it on my knee, just holds it low near my leg. I get the impression that he was left outside either on his own or chained up, and never really given much attention. He's social, so he must have been properly socialized at some point. He seems to be housebroken, aside from the first two accidents, he's been fine. I'm leaving my bedroom door open at night now, giving him full roam of the house. I'm also leaving him loose when we're gone, with no problems. I can't leave my own dogs loose on their own!
KJ got him to play yesterday, too. He said he was playing with Brett and Bunker started jumping around wanting to play. I brushed him on Friday. Like Jinny, he doesn't want to stand and there is so much to brush, so  I was able to lay him on his side and just brush. I'm starting to make progress on the undercoat. It wants to come out, it's just so caught and tight to his skin. He seems to enjoy it, but I think it's more he just wants to have hands on him. 
When he finally lays down, he is at my feet usually touching me in some way. Dogs live in the moment, but is he thinking about how his life has changed from being homeless to having a home? Will he always know that things could be worse? Then I jump to all the other dogs out there who are chained in back yards, given basic food and water (or not), but are never talked to, petted, or brushed. Bunker is really dirty. There are thorns and tiny sticks embedded in his coat. His tail is one giant dreadlock. Where did he come from? How did he become lost? Did anybody look for him? Was he dumped? I always think these things when a foster comes in as a stray, but with Bunker, for some reason I am thinking of it more. They all seem grateful for the attention and care, but Bunker seems more so. What have they done to survive? Who gave them food, but couldn't take them in or maybe they tried, but couldn't catch them. 
I can't save them all, but I can do one at a time. I am so thankful for the opportunity. 

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