Thursday, May 10, 2012

Improving Bunker

Bunker got a clean bill of health at the vet today. No heartworm, no Lyme's. He will need to be tested again for Lyme's in six months to make sure he wasn't infected by the ticks he came with two weeks ago. He has one tooth that is dying. It's not ready to come out, but eventually will have to. Doc said it was probably from a blunt trauma, possibly a kick.
He's gained over one pound, his fever is gone, and they said they could tell he was feeling so much better. 
I told the vet how he hovers, and even presses his nose on the back of my leg to follow me around the house. He thought that could mean anxiety, but Bunker also goes up to complete strangers at the dog park, and latches onto them, so I don't think it's anxiety. I think it's his way of soaking in as much attention as he possibly can. I was telling people today, he's recruiting a new family!
I spent 45 minutes brushing him this evening. He is so good. Just lays there and lets me brush even when I know it's pulling on his skin. I continue to get more of the mats out, but will have to cut the rest sooner or later. Still waiting on getting some clippers. But he gets his bath tomorrow.

A few shots after the brushing. The maltese is Tuffy, who lives next door.

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