Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bunker's departure and Sophie's arrival

Bunker's new family picked him up Friday morning. He did what he does, went up to them quietly asking for attention. His new sister mostly ignored him, but they got on well enough. They sent a picture from the road.

They said when they got home, Bunker found the toy box right away and grabbed a squeak toy, couldn't figure out where the sound was coming from, even barked at it, then finally figured it out. He was back at the toys bright and early Saturday morning.
I have a feeling that more of his personality will come out with them. Not only is it a good match, but from what adopting families tell me, they see new sides to the dog that I didn't here. It's all about dynamics. Brett is a dominant dog, but he does it in a subtle way that we barely notice it, but the dogs know. He can keep dogs from playing with toys here with just a look. I think now, with Jenna as his canine sister, he will shine.


Sophie is here. I picked her up this morning in Excelsior. She's a very  thick-coated tricolor collie. She'd been staying with the woman who brought her into the rescue for a few days, coming from a family that didn't want her anymore. A transport was arranged for today. I love these transports and it's amazing how people step up to do them. I've had so much going on this weekend, and it was so nice to only have to go to Excelsior.
Sophie is a sweetie. She made it through a storm tonight. Was a little restless, but no dog has been as bad in storms as Fergus was. He tried to jump through my vanity mirror, thinking, I'm guessing, that it was another room he could go into to get farther away from the storm. 
Sophie needs to lose more than six pounds. I took her for a walk around the park and she was huffing and puffing. She and Woodson have started playing already, which is quick for new dogs to do.
Her coat is dry. She was groomed and she's still blowing her coat, so will need a lot of brushing. 
She has the tiniest eyes I've ever seen on a collie. I don't know if it's officially the CEA (collie eye anomaly), but I'm pretty sure it will be an ongoing issue. I don't think she can see downward. She sees fine in front and above, but used her nose to find a cracker that was clearly visible. She's UTD on everything, so will have the vet look at her eyes when we get the microchip put in. 
She is a very nice dog. Let some kids come up to her in the park and she was friendly to them. She's fine with the cats, too. 
Will start getting pictures ASAP!

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  1. I'M glad Sophie MARIE is doing well. About the eyes - the vet here said that she may need surgery to keep the bottom lid from flipping inward - which is irritating her eye. MARY HICKERSON is aware of this - she always has a vet in mine who has helped collies with this small eye problem. YES, her eyes are just very small, but I have a collie - Rockman - and his are even smaller! I did brush her coat everyday here too - you wouldn't believe how much i got out everyday, she would only let you do so much - I can tell she isn't used to brushing. She was not groomed for 2 years, hence, she is not used to it. HOW is she eating? She wouldn't eat much for me. We went for walks twice a day here to help her lose weight too - the vet was the person who said she could lose 6-10 pounds, but i thought more too, i guess best to take it slow. She does not do treats either - never did - good habit not to start. LASTLY, she need to start on the heartworm and the flea/tick meds too. MWCR HAS ALL of these AND are aware that you need them, someone will probably be sending them to you soon. Sophie is a wonderful girl, she just needs some good training about manners. She knows 'no' because i think that was the only thing they ever said to her, no, no, no, that isn't good for any dog and i'm amazed that she is as sweet as she is despite proper training. She is going to be a wonderful dog.