Friday, May 18, 2012

Tentative adoption for Bunker

I talked to W last night for over an hour about Bunker and she feels it will be a good fit. She said they'd been watching the website for several weeks and when they saw him pop on she just knew he was it. They are past the small kid stage and we discussed Bunker's need for gentleness. They have 20 acres, horses, cats and  a fully fenced yard. Bunker will have a border collie sister (they have also had two Belgian Tervuerns, so are familiar with herders), and the dogs are not allowed to run loose even though they are in a rural area. He would not be allowed to be loose around the horses until they know how he is with them. When she is at the barn she takes the dog with her, but on a leash or tie-out. She said when they're inside the dogs are inside, and when they're outside, the dogs are outside. They are going to drive here the Friday before Memorial Day, have the dogs meet and if all goes well will take Bunker with them and be able to spend the rest of the long weekend with him. I don't see there being any issues. Bunker gets along with all the other dogs he's met.

Later last night, I saw evidence that leaves no doubt Bunker has been abused. KJ was in his room and for whatever reason he threw a pillow at Brett. Brett is used to this. It's part of their relationship. They literally wrestle and KJ will grab stuff (soft stuff) and throw it at him. I was laying in bed reading. The next thing I know Bunker is up on my bed behind me as if to hide, thinking, I'm sure, that KJ was after him. 

That said, this morning he's showing more normal dog behavior. He's chewing on tennis balls, initiating play with Woodson and right now he's now laying on his back with is feet in the air in that typical collie pose. This says, I'm relaxed and secure. 

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